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International Commercial Policy (33501)

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  • Adao, Rodrigo
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    International trade has always been economically controversial and politically contentious. This course demystifies some of the complex issues that surround discussions of globalization. It asks such questions as: Why do countries engage in trade? Are countries in competition with one another, making one a winner and another a loser, or is trade mutually beneficial? Who gains and who loses from international trade within any given country? Should high-wage countries be worried about competition from low-wage countries? Should low-productivity countries be worried about competition from high-productivity countries? Is international trade the main cause of increasing U.S. wage inequality? How do global supply chains affect firms and workers within a country? How is the burden of import tariffs divided in the economy? Do international trade agreements create jobs or destroy jobs? What is the impact of a trade war on the global economy? This course examines these questions and much more.
  • Prerequisites
    There is no strict requirement, but I assume familiarity with the concepts taught in Microeconomics (Bus 33001). This course employs quantitative reasoning.  Cannot enroll in BUSN 33501 if 20231 taken previously.
  • Grades
    Grades will be based on assignments, a midterm exam, and a final exam. No pass/fail grades.
    • No pass/fail grades

  • Syllabus
  • Spring 2023Section: 33501-85S 1:30PM-4:30PMGleacher Center408In-Person Only
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