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Special Topics in Entrepreneurship: Developing a New Venture (New Venture Challenge) (34104)

Course Description by Faculty

  • Tebbe, Mark
  • Content
    This course is designed to allow students who have advanced to the second round of the New Venture Challenge to develop their ideas into full business plans. Student teams will work largely on their own to develop their business plans and are encouraged to meet individually with the class coaches and faculty.

    The class meetings consist primarily of plan presentations. Venture capitalists, private investors, and entrepreneurs will also help critique and improve the plans during the presentations. The class sessions also will include workshops on the legal considerations of a new venture, developing marketing and sales plans, developing financial projections and presentation skills.

    Preassignment: An orientation meeting for all teams that have advanced to the second round of the New Venture Challenge will be held during winter quarter. Students should come to this meeting ready to present an elevator pitch of their ideas. Students will also be required to present their business model during the first weeks of class.

  • Prerequisites
    Advancement to the second round of the New Venture Challenge or (in rare circumstances) consent of the instructor: strict. Students should contact the instructor before the course begins.
  • Materials
    This course will have a Canvas site.
  • Grades
    Grading will be based 80% on the progress of the business model during the quarter, the quality of the work on the business plan and the quality of the in-class presentations and 20% on class participation and meetings with coaches/faculty throughout the quarter. Cannot be taken pass/fail. For joint degree students, college students and other non-Booth students, can provide provisional and early final grades.
    • No pass/fail grades

  • Syllabus
  • Spring 2023Section: 34104-81M 6:00PM-9:00PMGleacher Center400In-Person Only
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