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Research Projects: Finance (35908)

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  • Fama, Eugene
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    This is a research course for Ph.D. students and research oriented MBA students. The course requirement is a research paper, due at the end of the quarter. The prerequisites are (i) my approval of the research topic, (ii) my judgment that the student has sufficient background to complete the project, and (iii) the topic is in my area of interest and expertise, so I can be helpful in seeing the paper to completion. Paper topics in finance and economics are most likely to meet these criteria. Detailed original case studies, or other types of applications, may be acceptable for M.B.A. students. Projects can be carried out independently or in groups of up to three students. There is one class session per week, where verbal progress reports are given, and discussed by the rest of the class. Weekly attendance is expected. Participation via Zoom requires instructor approval.
  • Prerequisites
    Consent of instructor: strict.
    • Strict Prerequisite

  • Grades
    The course grade is based primarily on the final paper, but class participation is also considered. Cannot be taken pass/fail. No auditors. No provisional grades.
    • No auditors

    • No pass/fail grades

  • No Syllabus Available
  • Spring 2023Section: 35908-50W 1:30PM-5:00PMHarper Center3SW - Seminar RoomIn-Person Only
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