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Digital Marketing (37301)

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  • Mohan, Lil
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    As customers spend more of their time on the digital medium, companies - both B2C and B2B – are shifting an increasing portion of their marketing budgets to digital and social media marketing to engage them. In parallel, digital marketing itself is evolving and at a fast clip. All of this has created significant challenges for the digital marketer: They are left wondering (a) what marketing strategies and techniques to use where and when, and (b) how to keep pace with and stay ahead of the fast-changing digital eco-system.

    In DM, students will cultivate a way of thinking that will help them navigate this ever-shifting digital landscape. They will learn how to use various current digital marketing techniques, including: content marketing, search, digital and social media advertising, social advocacy and influencer marketing, mobile apps, personalization and digital loyalty programs, conversational marketing, location-based, and omni-channel marketing. I have tailored the course such that students will leave equipped with frameworks and strategies that they can apply directly at work today.

    By course end, students will have understood: (i) how digital consumers behave and what are the most effective ways to digitally engage with them, (ii) how to create effective digital marketing strategies and programs, (iii) what frameworks and metrics to apply and when, and (iv) how to seamlessly combine digital with traditional off-line marketing strategies and programs.

    In DM we will cover a broad spectrum of very current topics. To fit this course into a 1-quarter syllabus, I have prioritized topics based on currency, relevance and practical utility. Note that we will not have the bandwidth to deep-dive into specific tactical marketing campaign implementations. Students who already have extensive prior experience with DM should consult with me before signing up for this class.
  • Prerequisites
    There are no prerequisites for this course. However, having a basic background in marketing (BUSN 37000) is a definite plus. Non-Booth students require instructor permission.
  • Materials
    In addition to my lecture notes, we will use a wide array of topical content including blogs, posts, articles, and some book excerpts. In class, we will follow a discussion-oriented format, to analyze and understand concepts, frameworks and strategies. Class participation by students is crucial for every student to get the most out of this class.
  • Grades
    Evaluation is based on: 1 group project (total 30%), group in-class presentations (15%), 4-5 individual assignments (total 40%), and in-class discussions & contributions (15%). There is no final exam. Cannot be taken pass/fail. Provisional grades will be given subject to timely completion of assignments.
    • No auditors

    • No pass/fail grades

  • Syllabus
  • Autumn 2022Section: 37301-81F 6:00PM-9:00PMGleacher Center204In-Person Only
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