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Marketing Strategy (37000)

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  • Shapiro, Bradley
  • Content
    This course introduces modern marketing management techniques. Specific course goals include: 1) To introduce you to the fundamentals of modern marketing practice. Specifically, we will look at the four tactical P’s — price, promotion, product, and place (distribution) — through the structural lens of the three C’s — customer, competition, and company. 2) To provide a theoretical basis and data-driven techniques for analyzing the success or failure of marketing actions. 3) To familiarize you with practices that marketing consulting firms typically employee. This class aims to help you sort through jargon, allowing you to make well-informed decisions based on knowing which techniques are applicable given the situation.

    This course differentiates itself from other marketing strategy sections by viewing marketing from the perspective of economics. While students are not required to have taken a course in microeconomics (33001 or a course from undergrad), it is highly recommended. We will use demand curves and profit maximization as a jumping off point to understand where and how marketing decisions influence economic calculations.
  • Prerequisites

    Background in microeconomics (Bus 33001 or a course at the level of 33001 from undergrad) is helpful but not required. No undergrads, including Dougan Scholars. Cannot enroll in BUSN 37000 if BUSN 20600 taken previously.

    Early and provisional grades for graduating Non-Booth students only. First class attendance mandatory.

    • Strict Prerequisite

  • Grades
    Based on a final exam, a final project & presentation, individual and group case write-ups, and class participation and attendance. Course cannot be taken pass/fail. No auditors. Students must attend the first class session.
    • Mandatory attendance week 1

    • Allow Provisional Grades (For joint degree and non-Booth students only)

    • Early Final Grades (For joint degree and non-Booth students only)

    • No auditors

    • No pass/fail grades

  • Syllabus
  • Autumn 2023Section: 37000-04W 5:00PM-8:00PMHarper CenterC02In-Person Only
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