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Managerial Decision Making (38002)

Course Description by Faculty

  • Shah, Anuj
  • Content
    In some situations, we can make decisions analytically. But more often than not, we do not have the time, the information, or the mental bandwidth to engage in analytical decision-making. Instead, we have to rely on our intuitions and experiences to resolve important decisions. In this course, we will consider various kinds of decisions people must make. We will briefly discuss theories about how people “should” make those decisions. But more importantly, we will learn about how people actually do make those decisions and the ways in which people might come up short of what is “optimal.” The goals are to become better at understanding and predicting how people approach decisions, to identify situations where we can improve our decisions, and (where possible) to use frameworks or tools to more deliberately approach our decisions.

  • Prerequisites
    None. Cannot enroll in BUSN 38002 if BUSN 20702 taken previously. Non-Booth students require faculty permission.
    • No non-Booth Students

  • Materials
    A selection of readings will be posted in Canvas.
  • Grades
    Based on assignments, several papers, and class participation. Cannot be taken pass/fail. Provisional grades are issued for students in their graduating quarter.
    • Mandatory attendance week 1

    • Allow Provisional Grades (For joint degree and non-Booth students only)

    • No auditors

    • No pass/fail grades

  • Syllabus
  • Autumn 2023Section: 38002-01F 8:30AM-11:30AMHarper CenterC09In-Person Only
  • Autumn 2023Section: 38002-02F 1:30PM-4:30PMHarper CenterC09In-Person Only
  • Autumn 2023Section: 38002-81F 6:00PM-9:00PMGleacher Center306In-Person Only
Description and/or course criteria last updated: June 2 2023