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Strategies and Processes of Negotiation (38103)

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  • Kirgios, Erika
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    Negotiation is ubiquitous: you may have already negotiated once or twice today, whether you knew it or not. You don't just negotiate salary, rent, and business deals—you also negotiate when deciding where to go to dinner with your partner and when planning a vacation with your friends. The ability to negotiate is critical to success in business and in life. This course will guide you through the science and art of negotiation. You will learn theories of negotiation during lectures and through assigned readings (the science), and you will learn the practice of negotiation through exercises and case analyses (the art). Throughout the course, you will develop an understanding of how negotiation situations might be structured and what kinds of biases can interfere with successful negotiation (as well as strategies for avoiding these biases). Ultimately, you should leave the course better equipped to identify and achieve your interests.
  • Prerequisites

    All Non-Booth students require instructor permission.

  • Materials
    Articles, cases, and handouts will be available through Canvas.
  • Grades
    Based on weekly attendance (at your enrolled section), preparation, and class participation, analytical exercises, short written assignments, and a final project. Due to the nature of this course, all students considering and or enrolled must attend the first week of class. Cannot be taken pass/fail. No auditors. Provisional grades provided.
    • Mandatory attendance week 1

    • Allow Provisional Grades (For joint degree and non-Booth students only)

    • No auditors

    • No pass/fail grades

  • Syllabus
  • Winter 2024Section: 38103-03W 1:30PM-4:30PMHarper CenterC03In-Person Only
  • Winter 2024Section: 38103-04W 5:00PM-8:00PMHarper CenterC03In-Person Only
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