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Reputation, Regulation and Communications – How Media Influences Business - Lab (42705)

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  • Rolnik, Guy
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    The interaction between business, regulators, and media is of great importance for future decision makers. In business, we see reputation, branding and public discourage having a growing influence on most corporations vis-à-vis all their stakeholders. In regulation, we notice the significance of media in setting the agenda and influencing the regulator’s reputation, and incentives and ideas. When faced as executives with a news story, a media crisis, a media driven economic or business event, it is crucial to be able to map and understand the players, the incentives, and the dynamics, as well to analyze the non-market forces that influence corporations.

    This lab course exposes students to live regulatory and media challenges faced by companies and provide them with a set of tools to deal with the media. This course is taught in collaboration with Tusk Ventures, a venture capital company that works with growing startups to help them navigate through governmental, political, and media hurdles. Each group of students will be paired with one of Tusk Ventures’ portfolio startups to create and present a regulatory or media strategic plan, while consistently engaging with the high level of ambiguity surrounding early stage companies. Tusk Ventures will supplement the material taught in class with consulting resources to coach and support the groups. This experience will give the students an opportunity to put into practice some of the skills and strategies that they will learn during the course.

    The course will feature five guest lectures by leading experts in the industry. The order of the topics in the class may change according to guest lecture.

    Students who took or plan on taking “42123 - Reputation, Regulation and Communications - How Media Influences Business” cannot register for this course.

    Provisional grading will be available for graduating non-Booth and joint degree students.
  • Prerequisites
    Students who took or plan on taking “42123 - Reputation, Regulation and Communications – How media Influences Business” cannot register for this course.
    • Strict Prerequisite

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    The syllabus, readings, cases, and all other information can be accessed in the Canvas site.
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    Grades will be based on class participation, memorandums, and a group project.
    • Mandatory attendance week 1

    • Allow Provisional Grades (For joint degree and non-Booth students only)

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  • Winter 2024Section: 42705-01W 1:30PM-4:30PMHarper CenterC09In-Person Only
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