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Reputation, Regulation and Communications – How Media Influences Business (42123)

Course Description by Faculty

  • Rolnik, Guy
  • Content
    This course aims to provide students, as future decision makers, with a set of tools to engage and deal with the media, and to develop communications and non-market strategies in a complicated world with multiple stakeholders. Students will become sophisticated consumers of media, specifically, of financial and business news media, and will develop an awareness of the far reaching influence of the news media on what they “know,” what they think is important, and the perspective they take on issues, as well as the drivers that influence the for-profit news media.

    This course explores the relationship between business, regulators, and the media. All businesses face multiple stakeholders: shareholders, customers, employees, activists, NGOs, politicians, and regulators. Their interaction with stakeholders is conducted mainly through the media. Media has a major role in shaping corporate reputation vis-a-vis their stakeholders, regulators, and potential business partners.

  • Prerequisites
    Students who plan on taking or have already taken “42705 - Reputation, Regulation and Communications – How Media Influences Business - Lab” cannot register for this course: strict.
  • Materials
    The syllabus, readings, cases, and all other information can be accessed on the Canvas site.
  • Grades
    Grades will be based on class participation, memorandums, and a group project.

    Provisional grading will be available for non-Booth and joint degree graduating students.

  • Syllabus
  • Spring 2020Section: 42123-81W 6:00PM-9:00PMLocation: TBD
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