Course Evaluation


Each quarter, students evaluate their instructors' performance by answering 9 questions that require 6 numerical and 3 descriptive responses. Three weeks following the end of the quarter, the averaged results of all valid student responses to the 6 quantitative questions become available to the Chicago Booth community. When evaluations are on file for most courses and enough volume of feedback to provide anonymity has been met, we plan to release comments to students.

Course evaluation data is organized into an Excel file showing all courses taught in the last 5 years.

Access to course evaluations is restricted to members of the Chicago Booth community. CNetID and password are required.

The course evaluation database, is maintained by the Registrar’s Office. Any questions regarding course evaluation results or accessing online reports should be emailed to


Values shown for each question represent the average of all student responses for that particular course. These values are based on a scale of 1 to 5, with the exception of question one, which requires a specific time estimate.

The questions are:

  • Excluding class sessions, estimate the average number of hours per week spent in preparation or review.
  • Please review and evaluate the instructor on the following:
    • Overall, did the instructor convey the course material clearly?
      Overall, did the instructor convey the material in an interesting way?
  • Please review and evaluate the course on the following:
    • Did you take away useful tools, concepts, and/or insights from this course?
      How much did you get out of this course?
  • Would you recommend this course to other students?