Course Evaluation

Each quarter, students evaluate their instructors' performance by answering 9 questions that require 6 numerical and 3 descriptive responses. After all instructors have submitted final grades, the averaged results of all valid student responses to the 6 quantitative questions become available to the Chicago Booth community. The online version provides two options for viewing course evaluation data. The first allows individuals to click on a specific course number to view the course evaluation data from the last 12 quarters in a graphical format. The second allows individuals to browse all courses taught in the last 5 years by downloading an Excel file.


Values shown for each question represent the average of all student responses for that particular course. These values are based on a scale of 1 to 5, with the exception of question one, which requires a specific time estimate. Both median ratings and average (mean) ratings are noted for each section.

The questions are:

  1. Excluding class sessions, estimate the average number of hours per week spent in preparation or review.
  2. Overall, did the instructor convey the course material clearly?
    (1=not clear; 5=very clear)
  3. Overall, did the instructor convey the material in an interesting way?
    (1=not interesting; 5=very interesting)
  4. Did you take away useful tools, concepts, and/or insights from this course?
    (1=very few; 5=a great many)
  5. How much did you get out of this course?
    (1=very little; 5=a great deal)
  6. Would you recommend this course to other students?
    (1=definitely no; 5=definitely yes)

The course evaluation database is maintained by the Registrar’s Office. Any questions regarding course evaluation results or accessing online reports should be addressed to that office.

Access to course evaluations is restricted to members of the Chicago Booth community. CNetID and password are required.

Effective Winter 2020, course evaluations have transitioned from paper to online evaluations via Blue by Explorance. To view course evaluations, please click on the link below.

Historical data is being migrated to Blue, but can be accessed by clicking the below until the update is complete.

Course Evaluation FAQs

How do I access my course evaluations?
When course evaluations open, you will receive an email from with your personalized access link. You can click on this link to be taken directly to your course evaluation. You can also access your course evaluations by logging in at with your CNetID.

You can also access your course evaluations via Canvas. If you have course evaluations to complete, you will receive a pop-up message when you log-in to Canvas. You may also access your evaluations in Canvas by clicking on Account on the top left hand side of the page.  Click on Course Feedback/Evaluations to access your list of evaluations.

Why do I not see all of my course evaluations?
While the majority of course evaluations open at the same time, some faculty elect to open/close theirs at a different time. If you do not see a course listed, it is likely because the evaluation is not yet open. If you have any questions, you can email to confirm when the evaluation will be available.

Are course evaluations anonymous?
Yes, all course evaluations are anonymous.

I answered a question incorrectly, is there a way for me to fix this?
Yes, send an email to the Booth Registrar,, and we can reopen the evaluation so you can make this edit.

Can I access an expired evaluation?
Depending on the timing, we may be able to reopen the evaluation. Please email your request to the Booth Registrar’s Office and we can let you know.