Prerequisite Information

Prerequisites are the courses or background that each faculty member determines are necessary for students to have taken before enrolling in a Chicago Booth course.

Prerequisite Categories

There are four prerequisite categories at Chicago Booth:

1. Strict
  • Required for students to bid for or enroll in a course.
  • Students cannot bid for a course unless they have met the strict prerequisites.
2. With Permission
  • Students must gain email consent of the instructor to bid for/enroll in the course.

3. Restricted Population Only (i.e. PhD students only)

  • Only students within the designated population(s) may bid for/enroll in the course.
4. Recommended
  • Recommended background for students to bid for/enroll in the course.
  • Students are allowed to bid for the course, even if they have not met the recommended prerequisites at the Booth or through other avenues (prior academic background/work experience).

Note: If no notation is listed for the prerequisite, then it is a recommended prerequisite and does not require a Prerequisite Waiver Approval.

Prerequisite Waiver Approvals

In some cases, Chicago Booth faculty will waive strict prerequisites.

To request a Prerequisite Waiver Approval:

  • Email the faculty member.
  • If approved, the faculty member will email written consent to Booth Registrar’s Office ( to override the prerequisite. If you do not receive email confirmation of bid access within two business days, you should forward the faculty member’s written consent to the above listserv.

  • During business hours, Booth Registrar's Office will enter the override into your profile in iBid.
  • You will receive an email confirmation, so you may then bid for the course.
  • The override is effective for all sections of that faculty member's course.
  • The override is effective for all Phases of bidding for the quarter.